Frequently Asked

We are not all technologies experts, so here are some answers to your questions.

How do I subscribe to your services?

To subscribe, call us at 819-623-2825 to check the availability of services for your residence. If our services are or become available soon, our team will take an installation appointment with you.

Do you offer a seasonal service suspension for vacationers?

Yes. Our seasonal suspension allows you to deactivate your services when you close your cottage and reactivate them when you return. The fee is $ 40, paid once upon deactivation. Contact our technical support for the reactivation of services once you are back.

[INTERNET] How to choose a plan that suits my needs?

Choosing a right plan depends on two major factors: how many people use Internet in the same time and for what purpose. For example, paying bills and checking emails require a low download speed, however telecommuting (teleworking) and online gaming require a higher download speed to insure a satisfying experience. We will help you to choose the right plan when booking your installation appointment.

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[INTERNET] Do you offer unlimited data?

All our plans may become unlimited by simply adding $ 5 per month. Are you a Desjardins member? Take advantage of one year of unlimited data for free.

[INTERNET] How can I check my data usage?

Each member can verify their data usage by logging to their account via CTAL members’ portal. Your user name is your member number, beginning with CTAL in capital letters, followed by 5 numbers. If you lost your password, call us at 819 623-2825 and we will reset it for you.

[TELEPHONY] May I keep my phone number?

You can transfer your phone number to CTAL only if it is a local number from the same district. We will advise you on your phone number transferability. It takes 10 business days to complet a phone number transfert.

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What if we connect?

Via Mont-St-Michel, Lac-Saguay or Lac-du-Cerf, optical fiber will serve nearly 16,500 homes. A speed of 100 Mbps in our remote villages and our isolated roads, that's CTAL.
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